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Later Life Planning

Later life planning can be daunting, especially when you’re far from your “later years”. Here at Rhodes Wealth Management, we’re dedicated to assisting you with your financial security for your later life.

With so much uncertainty surrounding unseen issues in later life, and what position you might be in by the time you come to retire, it’s important to have a financial advisor you can trust. With tailored later life planning advice, Rhodes Wealth Management can help you achieve your financial security for the future.

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Planning for your Future

How we help with your Later Life Planning

Whether you need assistance with long term care plans or property management in your later years, our financial advisors are available to help strategise and create an appropriate later life plan for your future needs.


Expert Evaluation: 

We look at your assets, income, and expenditure to identify liabilities within your finances to predict and prevent forthcoming shortfalls. 


Portfolio Assessment:

Analysing your investment portfolio so that it aligns with your current and future needs, whilst complementing your attitude toward risk. 


Pension Strategy:

Ensuring your pension is secure and will provide you with the stability you need after retirement. We will assess the best options for your pensions that align with your future plans.



Whether you’re looking at downsizing your property, investing in property, or renting out part of your home, we look at every aspect of your commitments and desires and find the most effective solution for you.



We develop sustainable tax strategies that help manage your wealth and inheritance tax to avoid excess exposure to tax.



Finding the appropriate care for your future that falls in line with your needs, and helping you understand the different types of care.


Why Later Life Planning is important to do now

Later life planning might not feel important when it seems so far away. Securing your later life finances as early as possible is key to avoiding stress further down the line. If you take control of your later life financial planning now, you can have greater control over your finances in the future. 

Our professional financial advisors are here to help establish strategies and advice tailored to your current and future financial needs:


Will writing and planning:

Ensuring that your Will is planned correctly will not only ensure that your estate is distributed correctly but also any other wishes that you want to be carried out after your death. If you have not created a valid Will your property will be distributed by the Laws of Intestacy

Our financial advisors are on-hand to assist you with your will writing and planning to ensure that your property is distributed to your wishes.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

You can appoint a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to help you make decisions when you are no longer able to do so. This allows you to appoint somebody who has your best interests at heart to have power over your welfare and property. 

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney: 

  • Property and Financial Affairs LPA
  • Health & Welfare LPA

Here at Rhodes Wealth Management, we’ll ensure that if you become unfit to make calculated decisions, you appoint the most trusted and appropriate Lasting Power of Attorney.*


*Will writing and Lasting Powers of Attorney service providers are separate and distinct from those offered by St. James’s Place



Later life planning may also involve downsizing your property. This is done for a number of reasons. The house you currently live in may be too big to maintain in your later years, or you may want to rent it out to increase your income after retirement. Your property can assist in your later life financial planning greatly. We’re available to help you make the most of your property.


Later Life Financial Planning with Rhodes Wealth Management

Whatever stage of later life planning you’re at, Rhodes Wealth Management can help you achieve the most from your later life financial planning. Our financial advisors support you every step of the way and remove the pressure of securing your future. 

For more information about our later life planning services, and to learn how Rhodes Wealth Management can help your later life financial planning, contact us today.

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