St. James's Place Charitable Foundation

Posted 16.10.2019

Since 1992, the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation has raised over £87 million. The charity primarily focuses on helping children who are disadvantaged or have special needs. They also aim to help those facing mental health issues and support hospices or individuals undergoing cancer treatment.

Foundation event photo

The company charity supports those who may need additional help, often in the form of donations and grants. Over 789,000 people have been directly supported by the Foundation’s grant-giving programmes. Currently over 87% of St. James’s Place Partners and employees regularly fund the Charitable Foundation.

A total of £10 million was raised for the company charity in 2018 alone, through fundraising events, bike rides, triathlons, marathons, dinners and many more activities. As a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place, Rhodes Wealth Management will continue their support in to 2020 in order to benefit a range of charities and the well-being of individuals in the UK and overseas.

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