Business focus: the value of networking

Posted 06.11.2019

Networking really isn’t for everyone. Standing in a room full of new people can seem daunting, but many of those are in the same position as you, all looking to make new connections which could help their business and yours!

Role Development

Meeting local entrepreneurs can be a great way of finding low-cost advice if you’re facing challenges at work. Networking is a great opportunity to help others develop and find solutions as many others may have faced the same concerns throughout their journey and would be willing to advise others based on experience. Whether you’re the mentor or mentee, everyone has a valuable experience.

Business Opportunities

Up to 92% of clients rely on recommendations from friends and family when it comes to purchase decisions. Networking is an invaluable way of approaching new clients and marketing yourself – always remember to take business cards to seize opportunities for eager clients!

Build brand awareness and presence in your local area

In an ever-growing digital world, it is rare to meet people and put a personality behind a brand name. A lot of quality business is carried out in person and it’s good to put a face to a name and maximize your personal branding in the local area, especially as a budding entrepreneur. Never underestimate the support from your local community.

Often free to attend

Are you persuaded yet? The only thing you will be giving is your time, which is worthwhile if you’re openminded to seeking opportunities.

Job variety

Studies show that a more varied job demonstrates higher levels of productivity. A couple of hours away from the office desk is a good way of adding variety, staying productive and motivated throughout the week!

Build confidence

Networking encourages public speaking and engaging in conversation with new people; a highly valuable skill especially in client facing roles. Meeting like-minded people with similar goals often leads to a professional network developing into more personal friendships, what’s not to enjoy?


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