3 important questions to ask about your stocks and shares ISA

Posted 17.03.2021

With the tax year end fast-approaching, make sure you review the performance of your ISA and ask these three important questions to give you the best benefit of maximising the tax benefits of your ISA savings.

Stocks and Shares ISA Performance

Questions for stocks and shares ISA performance:

1) When did you last check how your investments were performing?

Have you recently reviewed your stocks and shares ISA performance? It’s important to regularly review whether you currently have the best performing ISA funds for your situation.

2) Does your ISA portfolio still match your attitude to risk: are you taking more risk than you are aware of, or comfortable with?

You should continually evaluate your attitude towards risk taking. Are you now no longer comfortable with your high risk ISA, and perhaps you would like to explore a more medium risk ISA? On the other hand, you may currently have a low risk stocks and shares ISA and would like to explore other options for your investments.

3) Is your ISA portfolio on track to meet your objectives?

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