£100 million milestone – the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation

Posted 26.08.2020

This August, the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation reached its £100 million fundraising mark. A fantastic achievement for the company charity and all our volunteers.

Since 1992, our volunteers have really excelled in their fundraising efforts, including overseas mountain treks, marathons, outdoor swimming, and organising huge fundraiser evening events.

The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation has benefitted many charities across the UK and overseas, primarily helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds and those living with disabilities.

The St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group have aided the charity’s funding through pound for pound matching, helping to increase the number of donations, and grant-giving programmes.

The Foundation also strives to help smaller charities such as mental health support organizations and hospices which are caring for those undergoing cancer treatment. Over 789,000 people have directly benefitted from the company charity’s grant giving programme since its establishment in 1992.

We are proud to be part of such a wonderful cause and fund many small charities which benefit the lives of thousands of children, and their families.

If you would like to learn more about the St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation or find out whether your charity may be eligible for funding, explore www.sjpfoundation.co.uk, call 01285 878037 or email sjp.foundation@sjp.co.uk.

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